EV Charger Installers IN Essex

Telice Electrical is here to help you charge your electric vehicle at home. We offer a streamlined process to get your EV charge point installed in Essex.

How Our Process Works

  • Give us a few details – We can provide an instant quote; we just need a few details first. Pick your car from our list and add some information about your home.
  • Choose your charger – Please take a look at our list of suitable chargers. Use the information supplied to choose the equipment you need.
  • Book your installation day – Pick a suitable date and leave the rest to us. We will turn up promptly to install your charger as agreed.

Invest in a Greener Future

If you have bought an electric car, installing an EV charge point at home is the next logical step.

Life is more convenient when you have a charger on your doorstep.

Having a charger at home saves you money too because commercial charging points cost more per unit of electricity.

What EV Chargers Do We Install?

We install the most current technology available and offer well-known and trusted brands.

All of our chargers are at least 7kW fast chargers and are compatible with all type 2 electric vehicles.

Why Choose Telice Electrical?

  • Our prices are fixed so you know what to expect
  • We are friendly and ready to help
  • Our process is easy to use
  • Our chargers are the latest available
  • We are quick to respond to your queries

EV Charger Maintenance & Support

Telice Electrical is here to provide maintenance and support for EV charge points across Essex.

To ensure the smooth running of domestic EV chargers, contact us. We guarantee  quality service by electricians who are experienced and qualified. 

Commercial EV Chargers

If you are looking for a workplace EV charger installation, we are here to help.

Contact us for a quote for EV charging stations for offices, retail shops or apartments.